©2020 by Empire Dance Camp.


Empire Dance Camp is organised by an indipendant dance organization Plesno društvo Empire. EDC is the first dance camp in Slovenia to offer kids under the age of 17 years old a chance to learn from the best! We have invited 22 different dance teachers from whom you will be able to learn different styles and techniques of Hip Hop, Jazz, Breakdance, Acrobatics and more.



 The people behind this event are experienced dance teachers, who know exactly what you want and need, We leave nothing to chance!

Each workshop will be completed by one dance teacher. You can pick which workshop suits you best. If you wish to relax and hang out with your friends that's OK! Our support team will take good care of you and make sure you will have a great time!  


The event will be photographed and videotaped so you will be able to share your experience with your friends.